Welcome to GJSS

GYAN JYOTI SHIKSHA SAMITI is completely dedicated to provide education to the students. It thrives to provide quality education with innovative teaching methodology blended in a synchronous manner to offer the best distance learning experience. In today’s competitive world, education plays an imperative role in shaping your future. GYAN JYOTI SHIKSHA SAMITI aims to provide education which can upgrade your skills and acquire new heights in your career.


The GJSS management programs are more flexible, more innovative and much less expensive than the traditional, old pattern and long terms programs of other Institutions. Through our short term integrated compact courses you save

Remember that 3 years computer courses have become obsolete and instead 6 month Fast Track courses have taken over. Similarly the Fast Track route is being preferred and adopted in various other faculties and subjects including MANAGEMENT. The traditional system of imparting Management Education is good excuse of MAKING MONEY FROM the Students by holding the Students unnecessarily in the faculty for 2/3 long years.

These old pattern institutes would not change to keep pace with the new millennium and would keep their students hanging around for year in order to earn huge amount of money. The Student must realized that in this age of internet, following an old pattern of management Education is not going to yield more than what could be had through Fast Track Distance Learning Management Programs than only and traditional institutional will also be forced to adopt FAST TRACK Management courses such as what we offer right now.

Still, in this 21st century if you think wasting 2/3 years in traditional college is your fate than we can’t help you. But if you belong to the group of trendsetter, path breakers, have high flying ambitions and for you sky is not the limit than these courses are just for you.

student have been recruited by top multinational companies – a record which not many management college can boast of. they have risen to the senior managerial position at very young age . We welcome all students who possess positive thinking about their own careers to earn our prestigious qualification and happy and prosperous life.